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APU COVID-19 Hardship Fund


The health and wellbeing of our students during the Covid-19 pandemic is our highest priority. We are committed in supporting our students who might be significantly disadvantaged by the crisis and helping them continue their studies and advance their careers.

The APU Covid-19 Hardship Fund (APUCHFund) with a total value of RM 1.5 Million has been established to assist students who may be facing severe financial difficulties to continue their education and living expenses during this crisis. The University is aware of the impact on students, and this initiative is a short-term solution that offers some relief to help needy and deserving students and their families while they work towards normalising their personal circumstances which were affected by the pandemic.

Financial support will be prioritised and allocated to those eligible students with the utmost demonstrated need.

Students are requested to complete an online application through which they must provide evidence of their individual circumstances. The decision on applications will be solely made by APU Covid-19 Hardship Fund Council.


Open to all eligible Full-Time students pursuing Undergraduate or Postgraduate progammes. Must have enrolled on and commenced the programme prior to the Movement Control Order (“MCO”) that commenced on 18th March 2020.

Eligible Students need to provide evidence of having fallen into financial hardship due to one or more of the following circumstances arising from the pandemic:

  • Experienced a significant loss of household income
  • Loss of employment of the Parent/Guardian.
  • Exhausted all other avenues of financial support (eg. PTPTN, Zakat, Waqf)
  • Unable to access funds due to (for example) difficulties related to Funds Transfer from the students’ home countries and other issues beyond the students’ control.
  • Have taken all measures to rationalise personal financial commitments
  • Other circumstances that are demonstrably attributed to the pandemic.


Based on the Council’s assessment of the impact of COVID19 to the individual student, various forms of assistance/support may be granted, including:

  1. Revisions in payments due by the student, which may include Tuition Fees, Accommodation Charges and any other Ancillary Fees as may be applicable
  2. Restructuring of payment modes to allow for payment in instalments
  3. Direct assistance via limited emergency advances or grants as deemed appropriate


5th May 2020 – 15th June 2020


  1. A brief personal statement summarising the circumstances that resulted in financial hardship, how this has and/or will impact on the student’s ability to continue studying.
  2. Evidence of reduced income as a result of Covid-19. Income earned prior to and post Covid-19 impact (eg. Parents’ salary slip / EPF statement / Income Tax Statements and Bank statements – minimum 4 months including April 2020).
  3. Evidence of loss of employment due to COVID-19.
  4. Evidence of inability to access funds due to difficulties in carrying out financial transactions as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.
  5. Any other document that would support the students’ application, including breakdown of fee due and living expenses arising after 18th March 2020 that the student is unable to meet.
  6. Further documentation may be required.


The above documents should be submitted via this form latest by 31st May 2020.

Applicants may be contacted for further information, please provide your current contact details.


If you have any difficulties in applying, kindly email us at